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11 August, 2013

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1 March, 2015


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17 February, 2014


A sexy brunette domina called Lady Suzanne is waiting for you on femdom chat and there are many things that I wants to do with you as soon as you log in: ballbusting, corporal punishment, face slapping and more fetish acts. While at a first glance I might not look like sober, I am always ready to have fun with a submissive man who knows how to please his lady. I can go inside your mind and make you come back to MY webcam chat every day just to get a bit more of that masochistic desires of yours finally fulfilled. Of course, you have to be MY slave and do whatever I want. MY big list of fetishes is sure to make you horny and when I show you all that I does with MY boys you will be hooked here for life. Check my adult content for sale on my profile page.

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17 February, 2012

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21 November, 2011

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31 October, 2011